puch squeaking?

ok I have a couple of puch problems that I"m not sure what they are.

my friends puch magnum 2 speed has suddenly starting a loud squeaking, which only occurs at idle. as soon as you give it a little gas, it goes away. it does it on the stand and when you are moving. It's very loud.

also, my puch maxi luxe 1 speed makes an odd sound. it has very little power and makes a sort of metallic sliding sound. it's very loud and to me it sounds as if the bottom end or top end or both are shot. can anyone help me out here?

thanks a lot in advance.

Re: puch squeaking?

See Ya Moped Army /

It could be a lot of things. Without actually hearing it run, it's anyone's guess.....bad bearings, clutch problems, piston slap, flywheel rubbing on lighting coils....who knows!

Re: puch squeaking?

alright thanks for the input atleast. I think it might be something rubbing in the flywheel cover because it still runs perfect. not really sure.

Re: puch squeaking?

Jamie Robinson /

My guess would be that the clutch is partially engaging. I would try lowering the idle speed, and see if it stops.

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