Avanti Autopower-No spark

Paul Jansen /

I have an Avanti Autopower that all of a sudden quit running.

As far as I can tell, there is no spark. A new spark plug has been installed. All the wiring harness

plugs have been checked and double checked. The ignition

switch has been taken apart and checked for corrosion. The magneto is working(headlight lights when being cranked).

How can I check the CDI ignition? Is there anything else I can

check(regulator)? Thank you for the time and replies.

Re: Avanti Autopower-No spark

Check if your carb jet is clean. Or are you positive it's getting no spark?

Re: Avanti Autopower-No spark

Paul Jansen /

Oh, I should have mentioned that I also cleaned the carburetor. I have checked for spark by holding the plug against the cylinder head while cranking. I must admit that I am stumped.

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