Minarelli V1 - so close/so far

After finally getting a spark, changing the cylinder rings & gaskets & rebuilding the carb, I thought I was going to get my 1977 V1 to turn over (according to the previous owner it had laid dormant for 20 yrs). However, notwithstanding my efforts to save this classic bike from the heap, the motor won't turn over. The newest problem is when I hold the clutch in & crank it seems like there isn't enough power from the starter clutch to turn the fly wheel - at first I thought the spindle key was worn, but it wasn't - I also tried adjusting the clutch cable - no avail. Has anybody had this problem or know what it is & what I'm looking at in time & money to repair it. Many thanks.

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the only times i have had similar problems with our 2 v1's it was resolved with tightening the cable, however a friend has a v1 that he cant get to start because the clutch was stuck?It could be that your clutch pads are worn or the clutch is slipping.

Have you checked the fluids or anything, the v1's take 20 or 30 weight non detergent, preferably 20 I believe, but if the wrong kind is in there, say a detergent based oil, it probably wont help you out much, when we got our first v1 it only went about 10 or so, we open up the clutch and drained it all out and it was pretty frothy, put some of the right stuff in and it ran much better

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Inside the clutch case there is a little lever thing that pushes in the clutch. Check this. If on the end of the lever you can see silvery metal, you need to replace it. Also check to see if on the main clutch pad the bearing. It should not be worn, and the bearing should spin freely. But as Brett said, drain the clutch and refill with 20W-ND so 30w-ND. Very important.

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i have a running parts bike with this engine...if you need parts

email me


it just has no power but starts easily enough...

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Lazer Fifty /

Brett & Bryan - t hanks for all the good advice - much appreciated!!

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