Dellorto or Bing carb?

Matthew Westberg /

[I also posted this in buy & sell...]

Okay, I may or may not have to buy a new carb for my 79 Motobecane 50v Moby (depends on what I can do with the old one...). I am not interested in trying to get a replacement Gurtner, since they're not the greatest carbs ever and getting parts for them can best be described as 'fun'. Except that it's not - plus with something else, I could actually change the jet if I needed to.

Anyway, for those of you with Motobecane experience what's better? A Dellorto or a Bing? Reasons? Not only that but I'd need a new intake manifold if I get a new carb and the stock long pipe you can get is too long, letting the carb smack into the top of the engine housing when the variator swings the engine (not so good!) more importantly, it'll be going from a jet right next to the cylinder to a long pipe (even if I get one that fits better) ... how badly would that affect performance?

Most importantly is there any way to get them at least a little cheaper than $70 or so?

Re: Dellorto or Bing carb?

Timmy Southpark /

if you can make an intake to work, i would say go for bing. They are less complex than dellortos. You could buy a rebuilt carb from ikesbikes for like $30. good luck

Re: Dellorto or Bing carb?

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

i just left a post on the buy/sell. you should check it out. my opinion is still the dellorto.

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