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ok i know that there is a overfill screw on my 2000targa lx but is it the phillips screw beside the tomos label? when i change the fluid do i fill it up untill it stops dripping from the screw hole? please help my tranny doesnt like to shift into 2nd now and i dont know if its over or under filled

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o yeah and what type of fluid?

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I was told at the moped shop today that ATF transmission fluid is used in them a35 model motor. I guess yours has that one, just trying to help hope I did. Ours is a 1999 targa LX. I fluid my brother 1980 safari ped with 30nd oil until it start to come out the hole screw hole and let it dip a couple times out the hole and it should be ok, I have changed it couple times now since we got in it august only because it sit since 1985 thought it could use it a couple of times, hell its cheap only a little bit of oil I think. (I see your in Frederick,MD) So I thought I should help out :)



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the guy i bought it from gave me a botlle of wet clutch fluid from the locla scooter shop and i filled it up and let it drip out the hole but since then it struggles to come out of first gear

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Don Pflueger /

you do fill it until it starts to drip out of the hole. its about 10 ounces.but, you need touse automatic transmission fluid, type a suffix a, or type f only. typef is a littlemoreabrasive tho and will cause premature clutch wear.

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