Leaking gas

My 1978 Peugeot 103 leaks gas out of the muffler when I turn the petcock to the 'on' position.

I suspected that it was because the float needle wasn't cutting off the gas, but I have dissected and reassebled the carburator multiple times with no luck. The float seems to move freely.

The bike won't start even though there is a healthy spark. Occassionally it will run for a second or two, but then die. Once i put the petcock in the on position gas begins dripping out of the muffler after about a minute.

One suggestion was to slide the float lower on the needle. But this float has a needle that is fixed in position.

Any suggestions?

Re: Leaking gas

Don Pflueger /

just because a float moves freely does not mean the needle valve is working correctly. it take 4 psi of pressure to blow open a needle valve. so here's a simple test. with the carb removed and drained of all gas, turn it upside down and blow into the fuel inlet pipe without touching the float. if you can hear air blowing thru the needle valve, either the needle or its seat are bad. keep in mind tho that you cant blow more the 2-3 psi by mouth. but its a pretty safe bet that there is never more than 2 psi placed on an inlet needle with a full tank of gas. try doing this a few times to make sure your results are accurate.

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