Tomos Speedo light problem?

The light on for my speedometer doesn't work. I took it out and it looks good; the filaments are still intact.

I have follwed gray wire (speedo-light) down to where it connects to a big plug-in. Then it goes from here to the back.

All other lights work ok.

How do I use a multi-meter to check if my moped is getting current to where the bulb goes into the buld holder?

What two points should I put the mult-meter to, and what should be the multi-meter settings?

What and where else should I check?

Thanks everyone for your intelligence.

Re: Tomos Speedo light problem?

OK if you have a volt meter, then you put it on the ohms setting i think, then it dont matter what prongs youput them on, but it should light up or display something. You can also hook up a six volt battery to it with wires from the sprngs to ur light to check it.

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