overfill the tranny

can u overfill the transmission on a 2000 targa lx?i know it calls for 300cc's of fluid but can there be too much?

Re: overfill the tranny

there can be too much-

there is supposed to be an over fill screw on the side that you fill the tranny with

unscrew that, and pour in the fluid.

once the fluid starts to drp out of the hole, stop filling


Re: overfill the tranny

Michael Romano /

yea there can be too much..... you need to unscrew the bolt on the side of the case and fill it till the fluid come out the hole...


Re: overfill the tranny

Michael Romano /

sorry did see the post!!! Great minds think alike!!!

Re: overfill the tranny

thanks i kinda guessed at 300ml and i think im too low i thought there would be a overfill screw but didnt know where as this is my first tomos

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