runs fine....then it doesn't

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I just got my 77 cimatti city bike home, rode it around the block once then I had to go to work. it was running great. Then this morning I woke up tried to start it and the "starter lever"? wasn't engaging. So I tightned the cable. After I did that it started, but semi hard. I rode it around, and it was going incredibly slow ( around 5 miles an hour) It sounded like the engine had no power it was just a low rumble. Did I maybe tighten the cable to tight so now it won't go back to the "neutral" position? Or is it another problem. Sorry about the terms. I don't know to much yet.


Re: runs fine....then it doesn't

You would be able to see if it doesnt go back to a neutral position. Just take a look at it while it's running on it's stand.

If that's not it, then you may have to get someone to take a look at the clutch peices, and make sure nothing's broken or fused together.

Also, you could check out the carb. When starting it, make sure the choke is engaged for a few minutes before going full throttle.

Also, chech out the cleanliness of the carb. Take off the float bowl area (on the very bottom of the carb, 2 screws hold it on the restg of the carb) and unscrew the bronze screw and clean it out. Blow it through a few times. See if that doesn't do anything.

By the way, i'll try to stop by later tomorrow. I'll give you call.

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