Suzuki FA50 breaks

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I just bought a Suzuki FA50. It runs fine, but the brakes dont work worth a damn. I can see the cord trying to clamp down on the wheel, but nothing happens.

Any suggestions? where would i go to get suzuki fa50 parts?

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Re: Suzuki FA50 breaks

Suzuki dealer or ebay or

Re: Suzuki FA50 breaks

Get 2 sets of EBC brand, about $14 each at Suzuki dealer. Good shoes for a few buks less than brand name. A guy sells them on ebay but his shipping costs are a bit high. Dealer can order and have in 3-4 days.

Re: Suzuki FA50 breaks

wow, when i read the tritle i thought u meant the whole thing, your brake pads are worn, u porbably need new brake shoes.....other than that problem the only other possible thing i could think of is that the breakes are not spreading the shoes right or that there oil in the cylinder of you rim (very unlikely)... but one of those are the suzuki fa50 needs new shoes... it breaks but itdoesnt lock the wheel to a complete stop....

Re: Suzuki FA50 breaks

Johnny Begood /

Thanks so much for the help, guys.

I'm a newbie, and don't know much about how to repair these things. If I buy the brakes alone, will i be able to install them in my backyard with average tools?

If so, is there an online guide somewhere?

If not, do you think a suzuki, or even normal bike shop, would be able to do this for cheap?

Thanks again,


Re: Suzuki FA50 breaks

u can install them easily....they come as a pair of semi circles, just slide theold ones out and take thesprings of one and out them on the other.......than just do vice versa of how youtook them off.......i didntneed any tools to replacemine and im not pro mechanic... im only 14...u ushould have no problem.....if you have any old partsorreplacment parts from this bike that ure not using please tell me... i need to buy some parts for my FA50

Re: Suzuki FA50 breaks

To replace the rear brakes, remove the muffler, then the rear wheel. 1 nut on the axle and it comes off. The front axle bolt slide out and the hub for the speedometer slides out once the wheel is removed. Take a few pictures or make a drawing if you want.

You can also go to for exploded views before you take it apart. 1st time plan on 30 min for rear wheel and 45 for the front. Difficulty scale of 2.5 on a scale of 10.

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