Motron doesn't work

Hey, my '82 Motron doesn't work at all, so I was going through Fred's Guide. To get a spark, I pedal really fast, and hit the clutch. The problem is, the pedals jam up when I hit the clutch, and there is no spark. Also, Fred talks about ignition points. Where the hell and what the hell are these things? I don't know a lot about two-strokes, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Motron doesn't work

I just wrote you an elaborate letter which this stupid PC deemed to erase. Suffice it to say........check your kill switch, spark plug, and taillight and brakelight bulbs and connections. Reprt back! don-ohio

Re: Motron doesn't work

Leon Swarmer /

pedals jam when you hit the clutch?? Is the engine truning over at all??? it should let you continue to pedal, it just increases the effort Take the plug out and try it, can you see the piston move?

If the engine isn't turning, don't be worrying about spark yet. you have far more serious issues.


Re: Motron doesn't work

Don Pflueger /

i have to agree here. engine not turning is a bad thing. inspect that piston first. that minerelli is a great engine and should run really well.

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