Gustave Von Bodungen /

Here's the problem; the float in the carborator happens to have two small hole in it and it is putting a damper on my day. i need it fix preferrable by installing a new float. The only problem is, i can not find one, so i have been forced to try and seal it my self. So far my efforts were futile, it seems that the gas eats just about anything and everything i use to clog the hole. i am running out of idea's and i have spent far to much time on the bike to just give up, so if anyone has any idea on how to solve my problem then contact me.


Re: Float

What is the float made of...plastic? metal? What have you used so far?

Re: Float

Leon Swarmer /

I used gasket sealer on a plastic one and it held till I bought another. dry it really well. (without using heat), BOOM


Re: Float

Jason Luther /

what kind of carb?

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