fuel valve/petcock(?) questions

Ramsey Beyer /

hi. i have a 1977 puch maxi. i ordered a new fuel valve (are they called petcocks? i think so), the one that screws onto the side of the bike near the bottom of the gas tank and it had a golden hook shaped tube attached, unlike my last one with had no attachment. well when i tried to screw the fuel valve on the golden hook prevented it from being able to turn since it just kept hitting the bottom of the gas tank. is this the wrong kind of fuel valve? any ideas? or am i just totally not doing this right.

also, the little nut that the fuel valve screws in to that screws onto the bike, the attachment thing that comes with a new fuel valve, broke. is this a custom nut? do i need to buy a whole new fuel valve to find one thatll fit? i really hope not because $30 just for a nut is not so fun. at my local hardware store they didnt have one and at an autoparts store as well. they said i need to check a place that sells metrics. but my question is should i bother trying to find a place local or is this a specific piece that only comes iwth the fuel valve?

if anyone has an answer that would be great! thanks


Re: fuel valve/petcock(?) questions

i dont know about the 2nd thing

but for the first you have to point the golden hook up

then, you let it up

and you screw only the nut between the valve and the gaz tank(i think this is what broke, right?

the golden hook should always point up


Re: fuel valve/petcock(?) questions

See Ya Moped Army /

You should be able to turn the petcock even with that pickup tube attached to it. You may feel some resistance when turning it in, but that is nornal. You want that tube on there so you have a "Reserve" setting on your bike.

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