PUCH intellectuals: ZA50 spark issues

ok...i'm trying to put a za50 on an Magnum MKII...for the life of me i cannot get a spark...i've rewired it fully to spec and no luck...i then re-did the wiring for just the ignition to work (blue from stator to blue from coil/ brown from coil grounded/grn & blk from stator grounded) and still no luck...i gapped and regapped/cleaned the points/ changed coils...etc. My last idea is that perhaps the points (or stator plate) just need to be replaced. Then i realized that when the flywheel is turned counterCW the drive gear spins the same way! What? Isn't that wrong? AHHHHHHH...i'm so amazingly close to forever turning my back on Puch and becoming a full-time Minarelli fan. Any help/ ideas/ insight would be greatly appreciated. Now i must go ride my lovely, reliable V1 powered ped to chill.....



Re: PUCH intellectuals: ZA50 spark issues

i ve never had a bad condensor or anything on any of my puchs but its happened on italian engines, are the coils damaged?, is the condensor bad? is the inside really dirty, maybe it needs to be cleaned, get an ohm meter and check the continuity of the wires, and the electric componets, my manual says that 1 speeds rotates clockwise and that 2 speeds rotate counter clockwise

Re: PUCH intellectuals: ZA50 spark issues

what coils did you replace, on the stator, or the high tension coil, is the plug boot bad, or the wire

Re: PUCH intellectuals: ZA50 spark issues

i'm not sure if the condenser is bad...how do i check? I replaced the high tension coil...it worked on another bike recently so i'm figuring that it, the wire, and boot are straight.....

Re: PUCH intellectuals: ZA50 spark issues

Michael Nesson /

I found the same thing on my two Puchs...I replaced the coiles with new ones from moped warehouse...pretty cheap 13 bucks each and that took care of the problem.

bad condensor checking

I have only done this a couple times so I am not totally sure, but I have done it on dansi and bosch condensors, a morini and a puch,

use an ohm meter and check to see if they are getting consistent readings, you will probably have to remove the stator from the shaft and place a socket that fits over the back of the condensor and lightly tap it, it should fairly easily knock it out of place, make sure you dont damage it, then use an ohm meter and place one of the wires on the side and one on the top, check the reading then switch the wires, and use the other on top and other on side, do this a few times and remember the readings, if it gets the same consistent reading everytime, it should be fine, but if the readings is low, and intermitent its probablu no good, i am fairly certain handy bikes has replacments for it, a search of the forums may lend a little more info on this, but this is pretty much how i have been instructed by numerous people to do it,

Re: bad condensor checking

thanks alot brett, i'll get started on that tomm.


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