PA50I and PA50II parts swap?

Josha Anderson /

I just got a 78 honda pa50I, I was wondering what parts are the same as the pa50II? I have read that you can change the variater pully to increse the speed? also was looking at the proma circut exhaust for the camino, does anyone know if this will fit the PA50I?

Re: PA50I and PA50II parts swap?

yes it the proma circut exhaust for the camino will fit the honda pa50 1 and 2. I have a 1978, 1979 honda pa50 I and a 1980 parts bike pa50 II. I think the rear ends in the pa50 I and different to the pa50II because they are the same motor. But maybe somebodyelse knows more about this than I do. I am just getting in to the honda mopeds.

Re: PA50I and PA50II parts swap?

yeah.. the bikes are generally real similar. The motors are not exactly the same. Port timing is different (PA50 I is milder) and there are likely to be other differences. So, measure and test carefully when swapping parts.

I don't own a PA50 I, but the Hobbit owner's manual (available through the Resources section .. on this page.. )

and searching these forums will be helpful since there are lots of threads about the PA50's.

The variators are different. There are a couple of modifications that can be made to them for the sake of swapping from one bike to the other and just to raise the gear ratio a little. (Search the forums and Resources section) The modifications do not involve changing any pulley.

The final gear ratios are different on the PA50 I and II but i'm not sure if this is due to the variator difference or due to different gearbox gears...

Aside from the engine/drive train, my guess is 95% of the parts are swapable straight across, like brake pads, frontend stuff, etc.

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