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Hello. I was up at college for two months and I came home to find my moped wouldn't start. I checked the plug and it wasnt getting any fuel obviously. The tank was full. I then put gas directly into the cylinder and it started right up. I had to do this a few times until it got warm. I then rode it for an hour with no problems. The next day the same thing happened and I had to start it the same way. I was wondering if there is indeed a problem in the fuel system somewhere where the engine can't get fuel, or is it just the cold (i live in wisconsin) or the old gas is making it hard to start. Thanks for any suggestions.


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Jonas Quimby /

it may be time for the old carb clean to de-gum things.

Alternativly, does your bike have an auto choke? they tend to stop choking over time, leaving you with a bike that doesnt want to start when cold.

Re: express nc 50 fuel delivery

Leon Swarmer /

not the cold or old gas.

turn the petcok off and then pull the fuel line off the carby.

Don't lose those litttle clips. hold the line over a can and turn the petcock on and see if it runs freelly. Now try it on reserve.

If it runs freely to the carb, but it doesn't get to the cylinder it is time to clean the carb. If it doesn't run to the carb your problem is at the tank or petcock. give it a try and let us know.


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thanks a lot for the help. Unfortunately i'm back up at school right now and i'm not gonna be home for another month. I'll tell my dad about it and have him perform your suggestions. Thanks again guys.


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_I’ll tell my dad about it and have him perform your suggestions._


Yeah, that's probably the easiest way to get it fixwd!

:) :)

Re: express nc 50 fuel delivery

Dylan Carlton /

your gas tank has rust in it and your needle and seat is plugged up

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