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I'm as new to this forum as I am to moped ownership. Recently I picked up a Hobbit from a friend who had gotten the bike in running order, but after a summer of not being used at all the bike does not start. I'm looking for help fixing the moped as I know nothing about it. Can anyone help me/' reccommend a shop in the Providence/Boston area? Thanks

Re: Repair/shop in Northeast

Leon Swarmer /

Alex, start off right..forget about shops. If the hobbit was recently running it shouldn't take much to get it going. unless you have lots of money and enjoy waiting to get your ride fixed, learn to fix it yourself. Many of us carry a few tools and parts with us and ride. They are simple machines, but two strokes take some attention. Start with a fresh plug (properly gapped) and read all of Fred's guide.

look under resources then articles at the top of this page.


Re: Repair/shop in Northeast

theres definately no shop really in the new england area, but there are a lot of skilled riders, so if you cant figure it out maybe someone can help you, but definately read freds guide, theres only so much that can prevent a bike from not running

Re: Repair/shop in Northeast

Michael Nesson /

I have heard that a shop called Claude's in Foxbourgh is decent and honest. He is also listed under resources! Good luck..once you get "moped fever" you won't believe that you waited so long. People under the repair forum have been great with helping me fix my peds. Proir to their suggestions, I never worked on one! I love tinkering now!!!!!!! Fred's guide is also really helpful!

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