CT70 type STATOR problem

Heya everyone,

My girlfriend has a Honda CF70, which is sorta like a really rare CT70. Lucky for her there are no parts readily available for it. But she's been using CT70 parts. That's worked fine for awhile, but her battery is not staying charged, and I have narrowed it down to the lighting coil( i have already tried replacing the rectifier). The CT70 coils don't match with her bike, so we're stuck. The right amount of current is reaching the battery, but at onyl like .8V. Since I can't go out and get another coil, is there any way to make a new one? or does anyone else have any good ideas? THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!:D

-Eric and Heather

Re: CT70 type STATOR problem

Ah the Chaly, Hondas answer to the Yamaha Chappy. I have a few questions for you then I can probably help you out, I have worked on probably 50 plus of these Honda motors of this style. First, are you 100% sure that the coil itself is good? They can go bad. Second are you 100% sure all conections are good? coil to wire, wire to harness, harness to battery. You should be able to replace the coil pretty easy with another one off of another bike, is the CT70 coil to big or too small? Honda was cheap and used the same parts for many bikes, if they are too big you may want to look at a 50 or 65cc motor coil, too small look at a 90cc coil, I have 50's a 90 and I think a 70 right now I can measure. What size is your motor actually? Is it 65 or 70? Is it manual clutch, auto clutch or 1 speed?

Re: CT70 type STATOR problem

also find all numbers on the motor for me, they tell a tale

Re: CT70 type STATOR problem

Wow somebody who actually knows what a CF70 is:D

I don't have the engine #'s yet I'll get them tommorow.

FIrst, the motor is 70cc. The Ct70 coil was too big, and I didin't try looking for a coil off of a 50cc bike. Do you know any 50's that might match up? The motor is a auto-clutch 3 speed and the year is 1979 or 80. I'll also get measurements of the coil itself tommorow.

Thanks Ray!

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