tomos bogs out on the hills

So when I start ripping down a hill hitting top speeds on my 2001 targa it cuts in and out like I have a governer on there or something. When I get to the bottom of the hill I have to throttle it to get it to stop bogging and the once it starts going on the flats again it's fine. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Re: tomos bogs out on the hills

Steve Murphy /

This is normal. By going downhill, gravity is causing the engine to rev faster than it's capable of revving under it's own power. You can increase the speed this point by going with less restrictive intake and exhausts, cylinder porting, etc.

Re: tomos bogs out on the hills

I've got a biturbo on the eghaust...could it just be dirty and clogged? Cylinder porting? And what about the transmition on the bike? Some times when I'm going up a hill it gets alittle jerky on me...what do we know about that? I appreciate everyones help on this...I've learned so much about these bikes in the last couple days that I'll be able to start answering questions for people soon.

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