Honda Express Killing

My 80 honda express 2 just started to kill today. I just changed the headlight yesterday, but I don't think this has anything to do with it. Electrics seem to be fine. It back-fired a few times and then would kill after losing power. I had to restart it several times to get home. I felt like it would build up pressure in the cylinder, and like I said sometimes backfire. Is this just a spark plug problem, or something worse? A slight squeaky noise seemed to becoming from the engine too. All my fluids are full. Is there maybe a problem with oil getting to the piston? Arg I just get something fixed and something else has to go wrong.

Re: Honda Express Killing

Leon Swarmer /

Always start with the plug.

could your gas cap vent be clogged?


Re: Honda Express Killing

That is exactly what happened to me on my express II when my oil injection pipe broke off the pump and allowed air to go where oil used to.

Don't keep trying to start it unless you are premixing gas and oil. You probably have an air leak. Most likely the oil injection line.

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