information on a 1958 mobymatic

my dad has a 1958 motobecane mobymatic. and was wondering the gap on the plugs and points.. and if anyone would know where to find tires. the size on the original are 225x18, if any can help, thank you

Re: information on a 1958 mobymatic

Iiiiiiiii Died / has tires ask donp he may know about the ponts

Re: information on a 1958 mobymatic

Bruce Wilkinson /

Re: information on a 1958 mobymatic

That link will be all you need to set the timing and gap.

The tires are another issue. Cheng Shin and Sava don't make a 18" tire that i can find. Sava lists a 18x2.25 with optional whitewall in their catalog, but their american distributor is permanetly out of stock. has regular and street tread options. Post something if you find a American source. You can get a kind of knobby 18x2.25 from a motorcycle shop, if they have the right catalog. They look kind of silly, but its all i've found local so far.

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