did i sieze up my fa50????

well recently i got my fa50 running after a top end rebuild, i have put about 60 miles on it since the rebuild and i have been breaking it in how im going to ride it (some may not approve but its what i was told to do by other owners)

anyway today i was riding for about 30 min and i was going about 30 mph and all of a sudden it just dies, so i pull over and try to start it but the kickstarter seemed to be locked it wouldnt turn at all i was literally standing on the kickstarter and it wouldnt go down, after fighting it for about 10 min i got it to move again and after about 3 kicks it started but as soon as i let off the gas it died .

so i started it back up held the gas on and took off to head home. I made the 10 min journey home i was only averaging about 20 mph on the way home just to play it kinda safe but i did test it out and it pulls along just like it did before and it was idling fine when i got it home, also it seems to have pretty good compression still

any ideas of what could have happened?

btw i run pre mix gas and oil so i know it wasnt the oil pumps fault

Re: did i sieze up my fa50????

i went out today to check it over and it started up first kick and it ran fine

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