qt50 leaks all its gas

I just got a yamaha qt50 yesterday and today I put about 1 third of a gallon in it and 90% leaked out,I then started it after a little bit ok kicking and it ran for about a third of a mile then ran out of gas,I cant figure out where the leak is coming from and also I dont know if it is important but it has a fuel shutoff valve for a regular water tube that is in the middle of the line. I dont think there is a hole in the actual tank either. Oh and by the way how do you rebuild a carb for on of these and a fa50? I have never rebuit a carb before

Re: qt50 leaks all its gas

Anthony Castellanos /

hey man it could be your fuel line but this sounds more like a broken pet cock replace your fuel lines and your pet cock.

Re: qt50 leaks all its gas

Another thing you may check is the needel valve on the float in the carb. It's connected to the float near the pivot and it should have a little rubber nib on the top of it that seals off the flow of gas when the bowl is full.

The rubber on mine was degraded so it wouldn't seal, resulting in a constant flow of gas from the overflow on the carb. Replaced it and it works well though.

Re: qt50 leaks all its gas

also make sure the gas drain valve is shut. It is a philips screw and has a straw sticking out of it


Re: qt50 leaks all its gas

Non Essential /

matt that sounds exactly like what is going on

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