'80 Honda Express II Electrical Problems

I have a 1980 Honda Express II, and my headlight bulb just went dead. I bought the scooter about 4 months ago. I bought a new battery when I bought the bike, so that is brand new.

This is where it gets weird. Even with the new battery, the turn signals blink like once and then stay on unless I'm going full speed, then they might blink twice and stay on. My left signal is the only on that makes a dying cat like whine as a blinker indicator. And that also stays on when I have the blinker on. My right indicator makes no sound at all. 2 days ago I noticed my low beam was out and yesterday my high beam also went out. What do I need to do to get these things to function properly. Do I need a new "alternator" which is causing my battery to run dead, which burned out my light with low voltage? If thats the case, is this also causing my abnormal blinker function?

Would a replaceable headlight system be my best bet for replacement?

Any help would be great!



Re: '80 Honda Express II Electrical Problems

Jason Rundle /

I just bought the replacement bulb system for mine @ scooter therapy. I'll recharge the battery and try this and get back to you all then. Crossing my fingers.

I am happy though, got my sister's spree running again with a simple battery recharge and spark plug change. Gotta love the easy fixes.

Ttyl guys,


Re: '80 Honda Express II Electrical Problems

Dylan Carlton /

i have a express I and it has a cilinoed and that runs of the power of your motor if its blinking when its full speed its getuing more power to make it blink so try a one see if its the problem

Re: '80 Honda Express II Electrical Problems

Jonas Quimby /

FYI, The turn signal blinker unit under the seat works on resistance (and the heat made by it) to blink the lights. If the lights arnt drawing enough power through the blinker (or there isnt enough going in) then the lights dont blink.

So first of all, check to see if all four blinker bulbs work.

I'd also go around the bike checking to make sure all your wires and such are tightly connected, and that the battery connections are good. The express will run just fine with no battery, but then your blinkers dont get enough power and your bulbs burns out. Bulbs dont burn out from lack of current BTW, but rather from the unstable current coming directly from the magneto.

With that in mind, your battery has most likely eather gone pretty much dead or come disconnected somewhere.

Bottom line is to give the battery a good charge and check your connections.

'80 Honda Express II Electrical Problems

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

http://sportsbay.com/pucserman.html this site has manuals fot the express.

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