Hard to start still

Im the guy a few threads down who has the trouble starting the kickstart tomos with the biturbo. I made sure as suggested to push the choke to the down position and bike starts to idle. I twist throttle,but choke does not move and engine dies. I checked and after about 20 kicks the choke does move up and bike runs great. Is the choke stuck and should I manually move it up . Again thanks for the help

Rich d

Re: Hard to start still

Timmy Southpark /

yeah, probally the choke spring is crap, you could take it off, just be harder to start

Re: Hard to start still

cables may need to be adjusted, i had that problem and it was in the cable

Re: Hard to start still

Don Pflueger /

i agree with cb. tighten the slack on the throttle cable.unless the carb had been taken apart and the top platewas not reinstalled correctly, there should not be a problem with the choke opening up at full throttle.

Re: Hard to start still

John Joedicke /

All cable adjustment. Then it will kick off.

Re: Hard to start still

Cj Phillips /

once the bike starts up with the choke, its best to then turn it off by pulling the throttle all the way back. if the choke doesnt move then follow the other guys intructions. if it does totally get stuck you can take off the airfilter at the carb and there is a really small metal tab you can push in. its hard to explain exactly where it is. that will pop the choke back to the off position.

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