Tomos Idle Adjustment

This Tomos repair manual sucks!! I am trying to figure out where the idle adjustment screw on the carb is. When my LX gets warm the idle is too low and it will stall at a stop. It is pretty low when it is cold too. It just need a little adjustment. Where is the screw? Is it the one on the right side of the ped (as you sit on it) with the dpring on it?


Re: Tomos Idle Adjustment

John Joedicke /


Re: Tomos Idle Adjustment

Don Pflueger /

yep, that is it. to adjust, set the bike on the center stand with the engine at idle. turn the screw inwards until the highest possible idle is obtained without the wheel turning. it may spin real slow, but if you can grab it andstop it with your hand, thats ok. you just dont want it to be trying to drive the bike when it is sitting with both wheels on the ground.

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