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I am just getting into peds. I bought a 2000 Tomos TargaLX.It has only 800miles on it ,was well taken care of ,and is great shape. It has a biturbo exhaust. Man it is quick. However it takes me forever to start it, It is kick start and will turn over and idle a bit and then die. After about 30 tries it starts and runs terrific and starts right up while its warm.Could I be flooding it. By the way I am 60 years old and I am loving thi ped shit. I can finally see why you guys get these and not motorcycles. I am just learning and I love it


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Cj Phillips /


i have a tomos Targa lx 2003. mine too takes pretty long to start and run some times. ususally about seven kicks. if its colder out you may want to put on the choke by pushing the metal lever down near the carborator. also your sparkpug may need to be changed. that should help it start sooner

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Don Pflueger /

my thoughts exactly. sounds like you are not closing the choke.it is located under the right side engine cover. there is a small opening in the cover where you will see the lever. push it down til you hear it click and the lever stays down. to open the choke, just turn the throttle back just beyond full throttle. you'll hear it click open.

now, something you might want to check if its still hard to start is compression. you need 120 lbs or higher. and the only reason i'm mentioning this is because you have the bi-turbo exhaust. do you know if the carb was upjetted? stock main jet size is #53. but with the bi-turbo you need to haveat least a #56.if the carb wasnt upjetted when that exhaust was installed, the engine is running too lean and will eventually sieze up. and thats why i mentioned check compression.if its been running lean, it will be low on compression and hard to start when cold.

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I think the the carb was upjetted. I will start with the plug.I have been pushing the choke down and the bike does start to idle,but when i throttle it it stalls with choke still in bottom posittion. I will clean plug or change it first and go from there.Thanks for all the help for a newbie richd

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John Joedicke /

You have to kick the choke off after it starts. Twist the grip all the way to knock it off. Its just going to die if you leave the choke on.

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yes. man I wish I could get myself a kickstart version.

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