Puch Problems

I got a real problem

i cant figure it out and the guy who helps me out is kinda stumped too..

theres compression...and im pretty sure the points spark....but it just wont crank

im running a 84 Puch maxi ....everything is pretty much stock on it....and fluids are good but i just dont know whats wrong any ideas?

Re: Puch Problems

oh i forgot theres a slight leak with the petcock but i dont think thats a problem and the gas is mixed right that im sure of...but still no idea and ive been trying for weeks and im only 16 so i dont have that much time to work on it but still i am stumped im not as experienced with it as i would like to be

Re: Puch Problems

you said your pretty sure there's spark?????? you better make sure. pull the cap off the plug, unscrew the plug from the head, and put it in the cap. lay it on the head, and kick it over to see if there's spark.

are you getting fuel to the carb??? did you try a new spark plug gapped at .20??

Re: Puch Problems


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