Leaded gas only? Old Puch..

Leela Devere /

I have just purchased a 1977 Puch...Maxi...What can I substitute for leaded gas?

Is it important?



Re: Leaded gas only? Old Puch..

Allen Murphy /

Just use whatever comes out of the pump!

Back in the 70's unleaded gas was called "white" gas, and was only used in Coleman lanterns and cookstoves, gasoline blowtorches and the like, and was uncolored so you didn't use it in a auto by mistake. Gas was colored according to octane ratings back then by many oil companies.

Those days are LONG gone, so use the pump fuel with the proper amount of oil mixed, and ride proud!

Al Murphy

Re: Leaded gas only? Old Puch..

Steve Murphy /

Ditto what Al said.

Some older cars and motorcycles that were designed to run on leaded gas can develop problems with the valve seats if run on unleaded for long periods, but two cycle engines don't have valve seats, so it's no problem.

Re: Leaded gas only? Old Puch..

Napa and Pep Boys also sell lead additive, which is not actually lead but a lead substitute.

Re: Leaded gas only? Old Puch..

regular gas and 2-stroke engine oil

50:1 mix

Re: Leaded gas only? Old Puch..

Jason Luther /

dont put a lead substitute in. like steve said, there are no valves, so no need for the lead.-jason

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