jawa troubles

I just recieved an old jawa 210 that has somebroken transmission parts, i was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to easily mount a sachs or puch motor on it. IF not does anybody out there have some impossible to finde spare jawa parts

Re: jawa troubles

sorry forgot the spellcheck!

Re: jawa troubles

i live in Chicago and i've gota jawa 207. Was a nice bike when it ran - but then it decided it didn't want to anymore. Damn finicky bike. Every time I ask about it I'm told to scrap it and buy something else and to tell you the truth i'm getting close to that point myself.

I'm not sure it's worth keeping.

As far as parts goes check out www.walnecksswap.com (i think) or google walnecks swap meet. They put together motorcycle swaps but you'll often see mopeds - especially jawas that you can pick up for $10-$50. All my mopeds (3) have come from motorcycle swap meets and been under $50.

E-bay is ok but parts can get pricey as fools run up the bid.

Good luck!

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