Which Carb to buy for my Peugeot?

Hello, all waves;

Thanks to your help, I've got the old beast (1980 Peugeut 103 SP) almost out of the grave. Found the fuel-shutoff valve (MANY thanks for your help on that one, and for introducing me to MopedWarehouse!), got the right gapping specs, and actually got it to gasp RUN for a wee bit.

Mopeds + Northern Canada = some pretty amazed neighbors. =oD

Now we're under 3 feet of snow, so it's back to WORKING on it. And one of the things it needs is a new carb.

Went to M.G., and they DO have one carb, Peugeot model, that I'm positive will fit. But they also have several others....some "generic", some brand-names. So I ask for your expert help again.

And yes...I've started sketches for the unofficial "Heck's Angels: Born To Be Mild" Logo. So far I've run the gamut from helmeted cherubs to trying-to-look-tough bunny-rabbits. Any suggestions?

Take care!


North of Edmonton, Alberta

Re: Which Carb to buy for my Peugeot?

What are you looking to do? Go faster? The peugeot carb on MW is the stock carb, so no gain there. As for the other carbs on there I think you'll need a new intake to go along with any new carb. I could be wrong though.

Re: Which Carb to buy for my Peugeot?

Katherine Delain /

Hi, Matt;

No, not go faster....just go.

Carb was in bad shape when I ran it this summer (just here in my small town), but now it's totally dead and I need a replacement.

I know the one they have in the online catelogue is FOR my bike, but I'm just wondering if I can substitute a less expensive one (that's just as good). Budget's tight (understatement! Some days I wonder if I should have been a lawyer, not an artist), so it would be nice to find a less expensive carb.

But if not, of course I'll go with the stock. I have time to save up for it, since we're snowed in already.

Thanks for taking a moment to write. =o)



Re: Which Carb to buy for my Peugeot?

Why exactly is your carb dead? Are the gaskets shot? Is the float bad? Is it cracked, broken physically? Is the float bowl screw on stripped? The cheapest way to fix that carb may be to find out exactly what it needs and just get that from someone that is parting out a bike/carb, or rebuild the carb. Good luck. I used to have a parts carb for that model, but I think I tossed it..If I find it, I will let you know...

Re: Which Carb to buy for my Peugeot?

Those are good questions. Unless multiple things on your carb are shot (corrosion, filter cracked/broken/nonexistant, missing gaskets and float, etc) then it would probably be cheaper to get a used one in decent shape.

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