carb probs....

Hey everybody,

I am having some issues getting my new C70 to idle. When it

starts with the choke out it revs real high. But when it starts

with the choke in, it usually dies right away. I am guessing i

need to adjust the air mixture or idle screw and have read the

online documentation, but my gut tells me something else might be

causing the troubles. The bike has 798 miles on it and is in great

shape (thanks neville), but i want to cure my "idle blues".

Thanks Everyone,


benjerooni469 @

Re: carb probs....

Ben Dieck /

yah i posted twice oops

Re: carb probs....

Ben If you haven't cleaned your carb, sounds like you need to clean the "slow (idle)" jet as well as the main jet.

See attached pic.

Also lots of good info at this yahoo group if you care to join. They have an on-line manual in the "Files" section.

Good Luck


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