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My name is Jason and I liv ein Flint, MI. I have been looking for a moped to fix up and I have an oppurtunity to pick one up that needs some repairs. How difficult is it to replace a piston? Also, are there any books on the basics of moped repair or do you have to get the owners manual for your particular bike. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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what brand moped?? there's many online manuals to help you out.

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It's an early 80's Sachs. Thanks for the link.

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Leon Swarmer /

curious about the title?? not many pistons get cracked.

to change a piston, you need to take the head off and the cylinder off the block, The pull the circleclip and pull out the wrist pin. The new Piston (and rings) goes into the cylinder(tricky with tight rings) then it is connected to the connecting rod.. Then the cylinder and head are bolted back together(quick and dirty instructions)


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Steve Murphy /

Hey, you're in Flint! Do I have a deal for you!

I live in Waterford and have a piston, head, wrist pin and bearing (maybe even the circlips) from a Sachs that I put a 70cc kit on. The bike had only a few hundred miles on it, and all the parts are perfectly useable. Here's my proposition:

I'm hooked on Halo Burgers. They're heavenly. It's a real problem, since you can only get them in Flint (and the greater Flint metropolitan area). So, if you bring me two QPs with the works, olives and peppers, and two orders of curley fries, you can have the parts.

I know, I know, too good a deal to believe, but as a Flint resident, I'm sure you know that if you have a Halo Burger addiction, there ain't a whole lot you won't do to get your hands around one. Or two.

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Curtis Onstott /

Probably melted. I cant see a piston cracking unless the engine has been running on nitromethane or something.

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