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I've got a 1969 Honda CA100 scooter. I need to buy an ignition switch for it (the original has been removed) but I need to know whether it has electronic ignition or not. The parts guy said I need to know the difference. How can I tell whether it's a kick or electric ignition? I can't find a kick bar or anything but I'm not really sure where to look. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but thanks for the help!


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Austin Zaletel /


I've realized that I'm a dumass for asking a question I already knew the answer to. The CA 100 only came with a kick start, so there's no electric start at all. The question quickly became, "where's the kickstart" and upon further investigation I've discuvered that _someone_ has sawed off the section of the kickstart spindle that sticks out of the motor. That was shitty. I'm guessing that's the person who took the ignition switch as well. Well, I'm becoming happier and happier about not paying more than 20 bucks for the bike up front, cuz this spindle isn't cheap. If anyone has a CA 100 for parts, and could get rid of the kickarm and kickstart spindle, please let me know.



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I 'think' what the dealer meant was do you have breaker points or a CDI ignition.

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Leon Swarmer /

and a 69 would have points not electronic

Are you certain it is sawed off? can you see splines? often the kick arm gets loose and is taken off or it falls off.

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I 'm sending you another e-mail in a sec. I think I found you your parts

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