Maxi air cleaner

The service manual for the Maxi says that the air cleaner is 'non-serviceable.' So, assuming that it really is serviceable:

What type of filter material is enclosed in the plastic case? Can it be removed/replaced easily?



Re: Maxi air cleaner

you can pop it open with a screwdriver at the seams. idoes/will open. clean it out well, and snap it back together.

Re: Maxi air cleaner

Cool. I know that I could just take a look (but I'm at work) - what is the filter material? Paper, steel wool?


Re: Maxi air cleaner

Jason Luther /

are replacement fiilter servicable? mine from the mopedwarehouse is 'welded' all of the way around.

Re: Maxi air cleaner

I was looking at those - did you buy new or used? How long should one of these last, mileage-wise?

Re: Maxi air cleaner

My '78 newport L (2hp) has the sides of the case apparently welded together. Should i cut it apart, or does it need to be replaced as a unit. And what else would work as a replacement. I know some peds use the filter as a restrictor for more low end, do puch's?

Re: Maxi air cleaner

Ben Van Zoest /

Just soak it in hot water w/ dishwash soap like Joy, rinse and dry. Looks like a brillo pad inside. Worked 4 me ok.

Re: Maxi air cleaner

There is a metal screen inside the houseling. I cleaned mine using good ole simple green. Gave it a shake and let it sit. after cleaning I even had to re-jet.

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