Fixing 1979 honda Pa 50 "hobbit"

Hi, I just a got a 1979 honda Pa50 "hobbit". I drained the gas, cleaned the petcock, new sparkplug, and new gas, etc. It will run now and idle great, but with the choke on. It will only run on the choke and then bogs out. Can someone help me?

Re: Fixing 1979 honda Pa 50

I have got the same problem with mine. I wish I had an answer for you, but I can let you know what I have tried so far. I have cleaned my carb, taken off my exhaust (thinking it may be carboned up) checked my fuel mixture and my spark plug. I don't know if there is anything on this list that you may not have tried yet, but I hope maybe something on here fixes your problem. If you find the answer from someone out there, PLEASE let me know what worked so I can try it too.

Re: Fixing 1979 honda Pa 50

don't you think 25:1 is a little rich for its engine. Once i mixed my gas too rich for my honda cr80 dirtbike and it has the same symptoms as my honda pa 50

Re: Fixing 1979 honda Pa 50

Patrick Mattison /

that is the factory recomend so i wouldn't fudge with that unless you want to buy a new engine. I think it might be a pa problem

Re: Fixing 1979 honda Pa 50

well i haven't messed with the mixture that was just one of my ideas. I cleaned my carb tonight and the same still the same problem. I guess i am going to go spend $100 or more to get it fixed at my local honda shop.

Re: Fixing 1979 honda Pa 50

Clayton Coulter /

I would check your air filter. It sounds like your not getting enough air. Or you should play with your foul adjustment screws.

Re: Fixing 1979 honda Pa 50 "hobbit"

OK, lets think about this

If it starts and idles with the choke on but will not run with the choke off then the fuel/air mixture is out of whack.

When you take the choke off and the engine dies, what is the condition of the spark plug?

It would seem that you are not getting any fuel when the choke is off. When you cleaned the carb, did you clean the float bowl vent?

Also, I found that the float bowl can be put on 180 degrees out. With the carb off the engine can you rattle it? If it will not rattle the bowl might be on wrong. Try reversing it and see if it will rattle.

Re: Fixing 1979 honda Pa 50 "hobbit"

Fuel vent screw/hose from the bowl should be to the right looking forward...I am not sure rattling it is a good idea....Once you have the float arrembled in place, put it carefully back together and in place, so when it fills with fuel it won't bind or stick...shaking it is not good....

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