Disassembling Peugeot crankcase

Hey guys, I've got this crankcase in two halves, but each half is stuck to the crankshaft in some way. Is there something special I need to do to separate the halves so that they're independent of the shaft? See attached pic.



Re: Disassembling Peugeot crankcase

something special... muscles?

No really, I think the crank to bearing interface is a pressfit. Know anyone with a press?

Re: Disassembling Peugeot crankcase

Probably...but not off the top of my head. Maybe the guys down at Aurora lawnmower.

Re: Disassembling Peugeot crankcase

I've had to use a rubber mallet and some serious wacking to seperate puch crankcases, it was fairly difficult, i sort of had to pry it apart

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