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I think this is where this question should be anyways

I am thinking about getting a MOT on my Puch Maxi (i am going to be 16 in january) and i need a few things done, one of them is a cut out switch but as i live in the uk i cant by a puch cut of switch on e-bay so

Could you be able to make one?

Could you by any cut out switch (what ones?)

Anyways this is a bit far fetch but can anyone help?

Plus do you need a working speed-o to pass a UK MOT

Thanks Martin

Re: Cut Out Switch

Ben Van Zoest /

Any motosport store will have a cut-off switch, push type to interupt, (chassis ground) the coil supply voltage. Just go see how diff. mfg do it and order the part.

Re: Cut Out Switch

I dont understand so any puch type cut off switch will work and how do i connect it up to my puch maxi?

Would this cut out switch work?

Re: Cut Out Switch

i have a puch MKII kill switch

does not have a mount though

Re: Cut Out Switch

what you are selling it?

Re: Cut Out Switch

Is there only one wire coming from a puch kill switch?


Re: Cut Out Switch

Jason Luther /

you can wire a light switch ffrom your house if you want. go to any electronics store (do they have radioshack in uk?) get a small switch rated for 6 volts and hook it up. or order any switch from any moped on ebay.-jason

Re: Cut Out Switch

and when i do that where do i hook it up to (when i brought my moped there wasnt a kill switch on and i dont know where one goes)

Can any one help?

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