"BEST" aftermarket exhaust for PUCH MAXI

Daniel Weaver /

I looked at MOPEDWAREHOUSE.COM for an aftermarket exhaust for my 1978 PUCH MAXI 1.5 / 2 speed.

They show several different set-ups for the PUCH’s.

Biturbo $70.00

Leovinci $85.00

Promo Circuit $85.00

Tecno Circuit $80.00

Which one would make the most noticable speed and power difference on a now stock MAXI?

Anyone know where they sell them any cheaper than MOPEDWAREHOUSE.COM?

Thanks innadvance,


Re: "BEST" aftermarket exhaust for PUCH

Daniel Weaver /

I made my mind up. Where can i get a Techno Estoril exhaust?

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