Peugeot sparks only at high RPMs

When I check my peugeot 103sp for spark, I have to absolutly pedal my ass off before I see any spark (nice and blue). Once I put the plug back in the bike (thus adding compression) there is no way I can pedal hard enough to get the flywheel spinning fast enouph to spark. what is wrong here?

-points are clean, and gapped correctly

-wiring is solid I think

-is there an electrical component that causes this symptom when faulty?

Re: Peugeot sparks only at high RPMs

are you holding the decompression lever when you are trying to pedal?


Re: Peugeot sparks only at high RPMs

no I am not, I think I could get it to fire pedaling down a hill, but I am fairly sure it would die when idling or going slow, because it just will not spark untill the flywheel is really cruising.

Re: Peugeot sparks only at high RPMs

Ben Van Zoest /

Bad capacitor maybe?

Re: Peugeot sparks only at high RPMs

I would be checking the points gap.

Likely at hight RPM's the lobe on the flywheel that opens the points is finally openned enough to give the break needed to produce the spark.

Re: Peugeot sparks only at high RPMs

Andy Kochvar /

Check the point gap again: go to tdc and make sure the there is a gap between the breaker points there/

Check for your wiring-grounds. I had this problem, and it was because of a main ground connector that was half-bad. (Should be a connector attached to one of your engine mounting bolts)

Re: Peugeot sparks only at high RPMs

Danny Emerson /

i had this prop just yesterday .. i rectified the prob by taking the boot off the spark plug wire cutting off the part that had previously been pierced by the plug contact/wire piercing screw and putting the wire back in the boot and re-piercing the plug wire by means of screwing the contact screw back into the boot....BE VERY SURE THE WIRE IS GOING ALL THE WAY BACK IN THE BOOT just because it stops doesnt mean it went all the way in..lets just say ive been there before.. but anyhow that may fix also may be a bad coil but i cant tell you how to check that. sorry

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