Honda Spree won't run- Flooded

I have a 1985 honda spree without a kick-start. I live in Georgia and Hurricane Ivan flooded my garage with about a foot and a half of water. A lot was in the garage including the Spree. I think the water subsided fairly quickly but it still surrounded the engine. I started the spree the next day and other than a little water sputtering out of the exhaust, it ran fine. It's been about three weeks and now the engine won't turn over when I start it with the electric starter. It just makes a electric buzzing noise. I don't have a kick starter so I don't know what to do to get it running. Please advise with any suggestions. Thanks

Re: Honda Spree won't run- Flooded

Weak battery. Try some jumper cables off a car or riding mower.

Re: Honda Spree won't run- Flooded

Don Pflueger /

your starter motor is located on the bottom of the engine, towards the front, between the engine and the frame. if the water got high enough in your garage, i'm sure the starter got drenched.its probably all rusty inside. you need to take it off, tear it apart, clean it up, and grease the shaft ends. it should be fine then.

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