engine drop

how do i drop the engine on my 2004 Tomos sprint? only three bolts right?

Re: engine drop

See Ya Moped Army /

To drop the motor:

1. loosen rear wheel so the chain goes limp

2. remove oil injection line to intake

3. remove fuel line to carb

4. remove 2 top bolts and loosen bottom bolt

* if you want to remove motor, then remove bottom bolt.

Re: engine drop

Don Pflueger /

you will need to remove the oil line to the pump, not the intake. unless larry means the intake side of the pump. you will also need to remove the throttle cable and wire harness.

Re: engine drop

damn how do i remove the wire harness? i got the rest tho, thx guys

Re: engine drop

Don Pflueger /

not the whole wire harness, just the three wires from the magneto. just unplug them. its really self explanatory if you look at it.

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