Hercules Gaskets


I am a brand new member. I have had an old Hercules Moped which has sat idle for a number of years. I recently lent out the motor to a friend taking a small engines class in hopes of getting it running again.

I need new gaskets and have no idea where to get parts for this thing. Can I get generic gaskets of some kind or is a specific thing. Is Hercules still around?

Thanks so much and please forgive my ignorance of all these technical issues.


Re: Hercules Gaskets

Don Pflueger /

try handy bikes usa.1-800-848-3078. or mopedwarehouse. http://www.mopedwarehouse.com or moped warehouses forum at http://www.mopedguru.com

Re: Hercules Gaskets

Thanks so much for the reply. Never realized so many people were into mopeds.


Re: Hercules Gaskets

yeah, there are quite a few mopedders :)


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