Tomos Speedometer

The speedometer on my 04 Tomos Targa LX does absolutely nothing. I tightened the cable, but still nothing. I am not sure where to start troubleshooting this thing.


Re: Tomos Speedometer

Don Pflueger /

start at the front wheel. remove the cable, turn the wheel and lookdown into the place where the cable goes in andsee if its turning. if so, reinstall the cable, then remove the top part of the cable and spin the wheel again to see if the wire is turning. you also want to makesure the wire is seated at the bottom, and long enough to reach the speedometer. the wire is the most common part to go bad on any bike.

Re: Tomos Speedometer

Jeff Koenig /

I figured it out. The tab that goes into the wheel was broken off. I replaced the mechanism and it works fine.

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