puch magneto


I got a very big problem with my magneto. I got the bike and it didn't spark and the coil and wires were good. So i when to the magneto and it was pretty messed up so I had another and place it in and set the points and time but this no spark! Please Help!


Re: puch magneto

Jason Luther /

probably not the magneto then. check for a bad ground on the coil, or see if your kill switch is shorted out.-jason

Re: puch magneto

Ed Mangold /

I did that and still wont work.

Re: puch magneto

Steve Murphy /

Check your points with an ohmmeter while they're disconnected from the circuit.

I wasted about an hour the other night on a bike that was acting similar, only to find that even though the point's contacts looked almost like new, they measured a high resistance. A quick burnish and the bike started right up.

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