Light bulbs kaptein mobylette

Hello guys I need a little help on this one

I own a 1961 Kaptein Mobylette BG 44 (fiets-o-matic)

But when I got the moped there weren't any light bulbs in it.

Now the question is: what kind of light bulbs do I need?

I tried a couple but they all failed.

the type that has to go in to it in front is: Splendor 79 and at the back its: Splendor 79 A But these aren't for sale anymore

and I don't know hoe many Volts or Watts they are.

so I would appreciate some help

thanks in advance Jelle Oudhof

Re: Light bulbs kaptein mobylette

Jelle -

I didn't see any reference to light bulbs here, but this may still be valuable to you in the future.

Mobylette Shop Manual.

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