Learning Moped Maintenance

Scott Jorgenson /

I'm 53 and know very little about small engines, brakes, etc.

I have a 1983 Suzuki FA50 that thankfully is running well. My question is how can I go about learning how to maintain my bike? There are no classes offered anywhere and I don't know anyone with a bike? Am I out of luck or can these bikes be maintained fairly simply even by someone without experience? Any advice?

Re: Learning Moped Maintenance

some local colleges offer small engine repair. i think alot of people tend to just learn as they go. people here are very willing to answer any questions, or problems you may have down the road. so post away!!!

go here:


this will help alot......read it, print it, live it.

Re: Learning Moped Maintenance

if you get lucky, you can find moped repair books for mopeds on ebay.com

also try to find a service manual for your moped...

Re: Learning Moped Maintenance

How Stuff Works is also a valuable resource -


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