Sean Kirkpatrick /

what is regular compression on a 49 cc two stroke

Re: compression

it should be around 120lbs, or higher, but some aren't, and they run crappy.

Re: compression

Jonas Quimby /

A general rule for most engines is anything lower then 75 is quite worn. Anything above around 130-150 on a stock bike usually means it's time to decarbonize.

What bike do you have?

Re: compression

Don Pflueger /

75? thats way too low. a 2 stroke need 120 or higher to run correctly. anything below that and you'll be lucky if it starts.ive never seen one run below 110-115.

Re: compression

Jonas Quimby /

ahh right.. was thinking of 4 strokes again being 3:30 AM.

I cant imagine a 2-stroke running below 100 or so, and not well below 120.

My Honda Express was about 115-120 with a fairly worn engine, but it still ran. Then I replaced the cylender and piston with one from my parts bike and put in new rings. Now I'm at about 130 and it's running well.

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