Moped Troubleee

Cristian B /

I just recently purchased a used moped...2000 ttlx with around 10,000 miles. i dont know if the odometer is right or not but that seems liek a lot of miles for a moped. anyways i bought it used and it is not running. i think the problem lies in the cylinder/head piston because the engine does turn but maybe its the spark? anyways any help would be appreciated to get my moped up and running. also since this engine says it has 10,000 miles u think the engine is shot? and maybe i should get a new one? thx


Re: Moped Troubleee

all i can say is run through freds guide,

go to Resources>Articles>freds guide

Re: Moped Troubleee

Don Pflueger /

open up theairbox and remove the filter. spray som carb cleaner in the carb throat. try to start the engine. if it fires, you have afuel problem. if it does nothing, you have either an electrical or compression problem. pull the plug and check for spark. if no spark, check all wireconnections and make sure the shut off switch is set to run, and the brake and tail light bulbs are good. if you have spark, test for compression. you need to have 120 lbs or higher to run.

if compression is 120 lbs or higher, remove the exhaust and make sure the port is clean, and that the exhaust is clean.

and, install a newspark plug.

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