Garelli Rallysport STILL loses acceleration

Hey Hey,

Tonight in Chicago it's about 50 degrees (F) and atop a moped that's a wee bit chilly. My Rallysport just lapped 3 & 1/4 mile on side streets doing between 25-30 mph (no small feat considering my 230 carriage).

After that period - the longest run at those sustained speeds - the bike lost all acceleration and at best was chugging at 5mph picking up engine speed on downhills and holding it on flat ground.

This is my second post on the matter the first of which a gentleman suggested I look for an air leak around the carb so I removed it both at the carb and on the head and applied gasket maker. I will admit the bike ran better tonight than it ever has in my tenure with it.

However - it was pretty chilly and the problem really seems to come out once the engine gets hot - tonight possibly delayed by the outside air temperature.

So what is it? Why am I losing acceleration when hot? I've cleaned the carb, plenty of fuel supply, and the gasket maker has been applied.

Please help. THANKS!

Re: Garelli Rallysport STILL loses acceleration

Anybody come up with suggestions? THANKS again.

Re: Garelli Rallysport STILL loses acceleration

you may have to re jet for the change in air density, I have also heard of the baffle being removed from those bikes for a speed increase

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